Consulting Services

Li Hua Professional Corporation offers consulting services for corporations, small businesses and individuals. We charge a competitive hourly rate and can help you solve everyday accounting problems or help you set up accounting pipelines that will help eliminate future problems. We’re here you answer your questions.


First steps are always the hardest. You have plenty to plan for and keep track of. Sorting through tax laws, filing processes, payroll and bookkeeping is likely not your priority.

  • Professional referrals
    • Lawyers
    • Insurance
    • Banking
    • Finance & Investments
  • Help with bookkeeping set-up
  • Help with payroll set-up
  • Resources and advice to help keep you on top of your finances
  • Fill out the paperwork
  • Registry name search
  • Refer a corporate lawyer
  • File the paperwork
  • Help to complete the business registration process
  • 1st-year discount
  • GST Report
  • T4, T5 slips filing for your company
  • 1st-year discount
  • Simply Accounting
  • QuickBooks